Monday 3 May 2010

Pet names of infants

The following list of pet names for very young children appears in a parcel  of various manuscript and typed material rejected as unsuitable for Carmina Gadelica iv. The hand may be that of Professor James Carmichael Watson (1910–42), Alexander’s grandson and editor of the volume. The names lay great, doubtless wishful, emphasis on deep sleep!

                         Pet names of infants
suaineag   little sleeper, from suain deep sleep
suainean beag bòidheach
suainean beag brònach bochd
suaineag bheag bhronach bhochd, gun ghò ’nad cheann, gun fhoill ’nad chom
cadalan, cadalag
cadalan Moire
cadalan ràithe   little quarter [i.e. season] sleeper
caidilean caomh   little sleeper beloved
caidilean / cadalan Moire
     ”          na Moire Mhàthar
ciùinean = silent one
     ”      an àigh
     ”      nan aingeal
     ”      mìn na Moire
     ”      caomh
closan / – caomh / – cadail / – Moire / – na h-Oighe
Maol Domhnaich (unbaptised)
Maol Moire
maolan cadail
Sùilean / – Moire, m., sùileag f.
Clothan / – cadail

   Sùilean sùileag are applied to infants after their first 3 months. = The observant one, keen eyed one. For its first 3 months the infant is called suainean & suaineag m. & f. = the sleepy little one.

CW MS 502 fo.99
Werner Kissling, Old man with child in Eriskay, 1934

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Stone whorls WHM 1992 13 2.4

Stone whorls WHM 1992 13 2.4
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