Wednesday 16 May 2012

Commemorating Carmichael's Centenary

Friends and followers, on Wednesday 6 June, we would like you to help us mark 100 years since Alexander Carmichael passed away by picking up your camera. During his lifetime, Alexander Carmichael not only travelled to many places to collect folklore but he also lived in many places and we would like to create a photographic record of each of his abodes. So, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to help us take these photos.

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We’ve listed below all the known addresses in chronological order, some are imprecise and some no longer exist, in which case a photograph of the vicinity or an appropriate local landmark would suffice. If you or someone you know are in or near one of these places on or around 6 June, take a photo and send it to us by e-mail, facebook or twitter and we’ll put them together. It’d be terrific if we could get at least one picture of every place listed to remember a man whose work and influence spread far and wide.

1832 Born Taylochan, Isle of Lismore

1841 Kilean, Isle of Lismore

1851 Kilandrist, Isle of Lismore

Early 1850s At high school, Greenock
1858-1859 Ayr

1859-1860 Dublin [Second Division of Excise]

1860-1860 Bridgend, Islay

1860-1862 Talisker Farm, Isle of Skye

1862-1864 The Cottage, Trevance, St Issey, Cornwall [working at the Excise in Wadebridge]

1864-1871 Lochmaddy, North Uist

1868 Married at 3 Wardie Avenue, Edinburgh

1871-1871 Truimeasgearraidh Manse, North Uist

1871-1872 Ìochdar, South Uist

1872-1878 The Bungalow, Creagorry, Benbecula

1878-1879 Duncreagan, Oban

1879-1880 6 Strathavon Terrace, Oban

1880-1882 Scolpaig Farm House, North Uist

1882-1883 30 Royal Circus, Edinburgh

1883-1889 31 Raeburn Place, Edinburgh

1884 On holiday at Bay Cottage, Taynuilt

1889-1893 29 Raeburn Place, Edinburgh

1893-1899 7 St Bernard’s Row, Edinburgh

1899-1900 Airds Bay Cottage, Taynuilt

1900-1905 32 Polwarth Gardens, Edinburgh

1905-1906 28 Viewforth, Edinburgh

1906-1912 15 Barnton Terrace, Edinburgh

1912 Buried St Moluag’s, Isle of Lismore

2012 Time to get snapping!



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Map of all the Edinburgh locations

Some of the addresses have been found in Carmichael's papers [Coll-97 CW] while others have been derived from County and Street Directories, many of which are available online.

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Stone whorls WHM 1992 13 2.4

Stone whorls WHM 1992 13 2.4
Stone whorls collected by Alexander Carmichael, held by West Highland Museum (ref. WHM 1992 13 2.4). [©]